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Chandler Red Light Cameras Are Back

Chandler Red Light Cameras Are Back

Watch out East Valley drivers: Chandler has plans to reactivate the red light running / speed cameras at 7 intersections over the next month, in attempts to curb bad habits and dangerous accidents.  (Chandler Police actually admitted that one of the reasons for reactivating these cameras is for revenue purposes, undoubtedly causing a collective eye roll.)  The cameras perform double duty as they are triggered when it detects speeders and also when it catches a car running a red light.

Lawyers Who Fight Chandler Speeding Tickets

Being popped for driving over the speed limit is certainly not limited to these intersections in Chandler, AZ.  All over the state, anywhere at any time, police pull people over for speeding.  Speeding is not a crime reserved for “criminals.” All of us have done it, and probably do it every day.  That’s why I get calls every week from people who are facing a speeding charge.  There are different levels of speeding: one is a civil ticket, generally a simple fine. Then there is criminal speeding or excessive speeding.  You can get charged with criminal speeding, a class 3 misdemeanor, when police allege that you (1) exceeded 35 mph in a school zone, (2) exceeded 20 miles above the posted speed limit, or (3) exceeded 85 mph anywhere.  Consequences of an excessive speeding charge in Arizona differ greatly from a civil ticket.

Watch Your Speed, It Could Be Criminal

While we typically hear about celebrities getting busted for DUIs or possession of drugs, one celebrity made the news last week for excessive speeding.  Rob Kardashian was charged with criminal speeding when he was allegedly caught going 107 mph in a 70 mph zone in Blythe, CA, not far from the Arizona border.  Don’t be fooled by wide open spaces.  Those highway patrol and smaller city officers will not give you any breaks just because you think you are in the middle of nowhere.  We have had many speeding cases in places like Williams, AZ, Quartzite, AZ, Marana, AZ, Gila Bend, AZ and Casa Grande, AZ.

Affordable Representation For Speeding Cases

Rather than simply giving up and pleading guilty to the charge, or hoping the police don’t appear in court (they usually do), call us for a case evaluation.  Our ample experience with Arizona traffic cases and our reputation for successful outcomes means you will get the best representation and you will know you are getting the best result possible.  There are defenses and ways to reduce or dismiss the charge, which we have provided to hundreds of our clients.

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