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Fighting Drug Possession Charges

In Arizona, it is illegal for a person to be in possession of any controlled substance, including marijuana, crack cocaine, cocaine, prescription drugs prescribed to other people, crystal meth and heroin. It is also illegal for a person to possess any substance that is considered a precursor chemical. A precursor chemical is any chemical that can be used to manufacture an illegal substance. Because of Arizona’s harsh drug laws, it is important that you take your case seriously and seek the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight hard to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Matthew Lopez, founder of Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC, is an exceptional lawyer who is dedicated to protecting his clients’ rights. He uses his knowledge of Arizona drug laws to scrutinize the state’s evidence and to provide his clients with the best possible outcome for their drug charges.

Factors That Impact Drug Charges In Arizona

There are many factors that determine a person’s possible consequences for their drug charge. These factors include the quantity of the drug, the type of drug, and what they intended to do with the drug. The intent of what the person wanted to do with the drug means, did they plan on selling the drug or did they possess it for personal use? If the state can prove that a person possessed the drug with the intent to distribute, the consequences become significantly harsher. Matthew Lopez is an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to formulate defenses to drug charges in an effort to prove that his clients may have possessed the illegal drugs for personal use only. If a person possesses drugs for personal use, the consequences are not as severe. In fact, depending on the type of drug, Mr. Lopez may be able to have his clients avoid prison and be placed on probation.

Do Not DIY Your Drug Possession Defense!

If you have been arrested for a drug charge in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona, it is important that you speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our attorneys respect clients by providing individualized attention, listening to their side of the story, and answering all of their questions and concerns. Make the smart decision and hire a lawyer who is experienced with representing clients charged with possession of drugs to help fight your case. Call our Tempe office at 602-960-1731 or email our firm to set up a free case consultation.