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A Fierce Defense Against Charges Of Facilitating Prostitution

Acts of prostitution or soliciting a prostitute are criminal offenses in their own right, but you actually face harsher criminal penalties for engaging in conduct such as pimping or pandering. This is by design, as lawmakers seek to protect sex workers by exacting severe punishment against those who exploit them or otherwise facilitate the sex trade. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for pimping and pandering, you need to understand the gravity of your situation. In addition to the reputation damage you’ll suffer from being accused of a prostitution-related crime, you face immense criminal penalties including prison time.

At Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC, we know that good people occasionally make bad decisions or find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can rely on us to provide you with a defense you can depend on without judgment. We will fight to protect your rights, your freedom and your reputation from damaging sex crimes charges.

Pimping And Pandering Explained

Unlike the crime of soliciting a prostitute, these felony offenses are not widely understood by the general public. Pimping and pandering involve actions that directly or indirectly facilitate prostitution. For example, pimping can be charged against individuals who ask for or receive money in exchange for arranging sex with a prostitute. Pandering involves procuring a person to engage in sex or arranging the travel of a prostitute for the purpose of engaging in sex for money. As a result, pimping and pandering are often charged together as the same person or people are responsible for procuring prostitutes and connecting them with people willing to pay for sex.

These charges can also be levied against people who are more hands off in the operation. For example, a business owner or homeowner who allows their home or commercial space to be used for prostitution could be charged with pandering even though they are not directly involved in procuring prostitutes or exchanging money.

If you face charges of pimping and/or pandering, you need a better defense than “Who, me? I didn’t know!” You need a criminal defense attorney on your side with the experience and skills necessary to navigate these complex cases and minimize your exposure to the harsh criminal consequences and collateral damage.

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