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Fake IDs Have Real-World Penalties

To young people who use fake IDs, it may seem like nothing more than challenging fun; however, under Arizona law, using a fake ID is a misdemeanor and comes with a list of penalties. Arizona is considered a “dry state” when it comes to alcohol consumption for people under 21. There are only a couple of exceptions, such as participation in a religious ceremony. If you are under 21 and have a fake ID, law enforcement will naturally assume that you plan to use it for illegal purposes – the purchase of alcohol being the most common. Minors who use fake identification to buy and consume alcohol can incur additional charges, penalties and consequences, making an already serious situation worse.

Consequences Of Fake ID Convictions

Possession of a fake ID in Arizona can lead to a misdemeanor conviction. Those convictions can include monetary fines and even a night in jail. A misdemeanor conviction also means a blot on your criminal record that can show up on background checks. What may seem like a small indiscretion could affect many current and future opportunities in education, employment, and even volunteer positions. Matthew Lopez Law, has helped many clients avoid or minimize the after-effects of carrying a false ID. A call to our office could be the best solution to a bad situation.

Fake IDs Can Lead To Loss Of Real IDs

One of the potential consequences, when charged with possession of a fake ID, is the total suspension of the individual’s driver’s license for six months. This type of suspension has no exceptions. No driving for six months, period. Not for work or school. Not everyone charged with possession of a fake ID will receive this penalty. There does not appear to be a set situation in which the MVD becomes involved in a fake ID case. If you do receive notice that the MVD is taking action against your driver’s license following a fake ID charge, it is imperative that you request an administrative hearing immediately. You are only given 15 days to make that request.

The best and easiest way to handle this type of situation is to call the Matthew Lopez Law office right away: 602-960-1731. We will request the hearing. Once the hearing is scheduled, we will be there to represent you. Many times, we are able to win these hearings for our clients, avoiding the extreme limitations that come with a six-month suspension of driving privileges.

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Don’t Give Up Without A Fight

Don’t take a chance on ruining your future with the penalties of fraudulent identification on your record. With the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney from Matthew Lopez Law, you may be able to minimize the negative results. Our law office has the experience and expertise to defend your case. Your preliminary consultation is complimentary, so call Matthew Lopez Law at 602-960-1731 or make your appointment today by email. Don’t let this mistake derail your chance for a bright future.