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Challenging An Arrest On Marijuana Manufacturing Charges

Arizona defines the manufacturing of any controlled substance, including marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth and crack, as growing, planting, cultivating harvesting, processing or preparing for sale. The penalties for a conviction of manufacturing an illegal drug vary depending on the type of drug and the amount produced. Any charge relating to the manufacturing of drugs is considered a very serious felony and must be handled by an attorney who is familiar with investigating drug charges and working with the legal system.

Matthew Lopez is a highly regarded Phoenix marijuana manufacturing attorney who represents clients charged with all forms of drug crimes. Mr. Lopez understands what is at stake for his clients and uses his legal knowledge and experience with defending serious felonies to ensure that his clients receive the best results for their drug case. If you have been charged with manufacturing of drugs, it is important that you take your case seriously and contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the facts surrounding your charge. The sooner a lawyer from Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC, is hired, the sooner we can begin our investigation.

Dealing With Arizona’s Strict Drug Laws

If a person is charged with the manufacturing of marijuana, the person will be facing either a class 3, 4 or 5 felony, which means that a conviction could lead to a prison sentence of up to seven years. The prison sentence can also be much higher if the person has prior felony convictions.

As you can see, a charge of manufacturing of marijuana could lead to very serious consequences. Most people facing the manufacturing of marijuana charge have no idea how much marijuana they were producing. They may have been producing marijuana as a hobby, for personal use, or even to give to their close friends. These people did not intend to commit a serious crime, they just happen to be the victims of Arizona’s exceptionally strict stance on drug laws.

A conviction of manufacturing of marijuana, or any other controlled substance, could have serious long-term consequences. In addition to serving time in prison, you will have an extremely difficult time obtaining employment, you will lose your constitutional rights, and you will not be able to possess a firearm. With your back against the wall, you need the representation of a criminal defense lawyer who will go the extra mile. Mr. Lopez is passionate about his role as an attorney and has dedicated his career to making sure that his clients’ rights are protected. In every drug case, we heavily scrutinize the evidence being used against our clients in an effort to look for flaws in the police investigation and the state’s case. If you hire Matthew Lopez Law to represent you for your production of marijuana case, you will feel confident knowing that your case is in the best of hands.

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Matthew Lopez is a hard-working and honest criminal defense attorney who represents clients in Phoenix and throughout Arizona who have been arrested and charged with drug crimes, including the manufacturing of marijuana. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation. Call us at 602-960-1731 or use our email contact form.