Prostitute Solicitation Attorney on Your Side

Being arrested for soliciting a prostitute can be one of the most stressful offenses our clients experienced. Often times, our clients are married and they endure the stress of keeping the arrest from their spouse or constantly worrying that their spouse will find out. As attorneys, it is common to see facts in a clients solicitation report that equate to entrapment. The general scenario is, our clients find someone on backpages or craigslist who is offering a service. A discussion is had and when our clients meet with the person, they tend to be a police officer.

What Our Attorneys do for Soliciting a Prostitute Cases

While entrapment is a valid defense to soliciting a prostitute, it is an incredibly complicated defense to devise and must be handled carefully by the most experienced attorneys. To do so, it is important that the attorneys at Matthew Lopez Law get started on your case as quickly as possible to preserve evidence and hold the police accountable. We need to immediately request police reports, phone calls, text messages and schedule interviews with the police officers involved.

Aside from the legal defenses, it is of equal importance that our lawyers work with clients to learn as much personal information about them as possible. Because the court system sees countless prostitute solicitation cases on a daily basis, we need to present why you are different. To do so, we will convey your message to the court by letting them know more information about you – who you are, what kind of work you do, why this was a mistake, why this was out of character for your and most importantly, why this will never happen again. As you can see, defending a client for a prostitution offense requires a law firm to devote a considerable amount of time and effort to provide a client with the best possible defense.

Arizona Prostitution Penalties

Arizona has mandatory sentencing guidelines for people who are convicted of soliciting a prostitute. For your first conviction, a judge must sentence you to at least one day in jail. If this is your second or third conviction for soliciting a prostitute, a judge must sentence you to several weeks, if not months in jail. Soliciting a prostitute is not a minor offense. If you are found guilty, you will go to jail. The only question is, for how long? With your life on the line, you need a lawyer you can trust. The prostitution lawyers at our office understand that a criminal conviction could result in not only losing your job, but possibly a divorce. We take this seriously and fight relentlessly for our clients facing prostitution charges.